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  • Let your voice be heard with CALSDA

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  • Let your voice be heard with CALSDA

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  • Let your voice be heard with CALSDA

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  • Let your voice be heard with CALSDA

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  • Let your voice be heard with CALSDA

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General Info

Teachers may request a specific centre for practical examinations provided a minimum number of 50 students are entered for one session.


Every Entry form should carry the Teacher’s name, Address and Telephone Number.


Late entries will be accepted:

  • Up to two weeks after the official closing date without payment of a late entry fee OR
  • Six weeks prior to the requested day/week of examination without payment of a late entry fee.

However, entries will be accepted up to four weeks prior to the date of examination on the payment of a late entry fee of Rs. 50/- per candidate.


Written examinations are held twice a year – usually on the last Saturday of May (the official closing date of entries is the last Friday in February) and usually on last Saturday of October (the official closing date of entries is first Friday in August).

Entry forms will not be accepted under any circumstances without the entry fees.

Entries will not be accepted under any circumstances:

  • After the prescribed period
  • On the phone or by fax
  • At the examination centre



The current CALSDA Syllabus is available at the CALSDA office. You may purchase your copy at 100/= on any weekday during working hours.


  • Office Hours: 8.30 am to 4.00 pm Monday to Friday.
  • The Candidates’ names must be written in BLOCK CAPITALS on the Entry Forms.
  • If a candidate is entered for more than one examination, irrespective of Subject / Grade / Theory or Practical – on one and the same date, please indicate in the entry form to ensure that the times allocated for the respective examinations will not overlap.
  • Please use the relevant Entry Form for each Subject and use one Entry Form for each Grade.


  • Changes in Spelling or Alteration of Names on the Entry Forms/Result Sheets will be corrected if requested by the teacher concerned on payment of Rs. 100/- per candidate. However, if an alteration is made on the Admission Slip without prior notice to the CALSDA office, it has to be authenticated by the teacher/parent making the change.
  • Change of Subject/Grade may be obtained at least one week before  the day of exam, on payment of Rs. 100/-
  • Change in the Date of Birth on the Entry Form will not be made unless a copy of the original Birth Certificate is produced before results are released. A fee of Rs. 100/- per candidate is payable. After release of results, no changes will be permitted.
  • Change of Date for Practical Examinations (within the current year) may be obtained on payment of a fee of Rs. 100/-. The candidate will be re-scheduled not earlier than 10 days after the original date of examination.
  • Changes in Spelling or Alteration of Names on a Certificate may be made on a payment of Rs. 200/-
  • Replacement of a new entry in leau of a candidate who is not sitting for the exam is NOT ALLOWED.
  • Change of Address / Telephone Numbers of Registered teachers should be immediately communicated to the CALSDA office in writing.



If a candidate is absent at the Practical Examination due to ill health, a Medical Certificate should be produced from a Registered Medical Practitioner together with the Admission Slip. Every effort will be made to give a new date before the end of the examination period.  No extra fee is payable.


If a candidate is absent at the Theory Examination due to ill health, it will be possible for him/her to sit the examination at the subsequent session only, on submission of a Medical Certificate from a Registered Medical Practitioner together with the Admission Slip. However difference in fee is payable. If the candidate chooses to sit a higher grade, the difference in Entry Fee should be paid.  If a candidate is absent due to any other reason a Re-entry fee of Rs. 100/= is payable.


Admission slips stating the time, date and place of the examination will be sent under Registered cover to the teacher two weeks prior to the date of examination, or may be collected from the office. Please state your option on the Entry form.


Certificates are issued to successful candidates as follows :

Pass with Honours

Pass with Merit



Certificates will not be issued until candidates have successfully completed all parts of the relevant examination within a period of three years. Candidates are required to apply with copies of relevant result sheets.


Candidates who have completed both Spoken and Written English Grade 10 examinations within two years are eligible to apply for Certificate of Proficiency in English with copies of relevant CALSDA certificates or result sheets on or before 31st December of the current year.


A Prize Giving will be held each year on the results of examinations of the previous year. Please note that candidates who do not present themselves for examinations by December 2016 will not be on sidered for an award. Awards will be presented to candidates obtaining the highest honor mark in his/her Grade and are within the specified age limit (refer Age limit for Prizes). To be considered for a Prize in the Bronze/Silver/Gold Awards, Teacher’s Certificate/Diploma Examinations, the candidate should obtain the highest mark for the practical grade which should be a minimum of 75%.

Ages for Prizes will be considered as at 1st January of the current year

Introductory Under 06
Junior Preparatory Under 08
Preparatory Under 09
Grade 1 Under 10
Medial Grade Under 11
Grade 11 Under 12
Grade 111 Under 13
Grade 1V Under 15
Grade V Under 16
Grade V1 Under 17
Grade V11 Under 18
Grade V111 Under 19
Grade 1X Under 20
Grade X Under 21
Grade XI Under 23
Grade XII Under 25
Primary Under 11
Junior Under 13
Intermediate Under 16
Senior Under 18
Stage 1 Under 21
Stage 2 Under 24
Stage 3
Stage 4
Bronze Award Open Age Group
Silver Award
Gold Award