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The Colombo Academy of Language Skills and Dramatic Art, established in the year 2000, has ushered in new dimensions in the field of English Language Skills and evolved a full curriculum for training children, teenagers, adults and professionals. It is a caring and creative examining body committed to high standards. Within a period of eight years of progressive operations, the Colombo Academy of Language Skills and Dramatic Art, better known as CALSDA, has grown rapidly in stature and rank, and has firmly established itself as a leading examining body in Sri Lanka. The current syllabus has begun a revolution and has opened many exciting creative doors to students and teachers bringing opportunities for collaboration within the sphere of Speech, Drama and allied subjects.

These syllabi have been compiled in consultation with a number of experts in the field who are attuned to the value of the spoken word in modern life. They have been designed to suit and meet the needs of those who wish to acquire better communication skills. This has led to the building of a framework of examinations which is both modern and relevant to today's student. In addition to a wide range of graded examination opportunities, we also offer a full portfolio of Teachers' Certificates and Diplomas.

While maintaining a demanding standard at each grade, these examinations hold unlimited scope and flexibility in terms of material and performance approaches. In this task, CALSDA is singularly aided by having one of the largest, most experienced, and qualified panel of examiners in the island. Examination procedure and standardization is established through the consensus of leading specialists in the field, so that candidates are assured of an assessment and written evaluation by superlatively qualified, experienced examiners who seek primarily to encourage candidates with a positive attitude.

CALSDA, with its atmosphere of acceptance and encouragement, provides each candidate with an enjoyable, enriching and invaluable examination experience. A posse ad esse  ('From Possibility to Reality') in keeping with the motto of CALSDA, the Academy endeavours to give each individual the opportunity to develop his or her skills to the fullest potential and harness the vastness of the English Language.


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